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About Us


Founded in 2006 by Miguel Lopez, Las Palmas Mercado has been a cherished Mexican grocery store in the heart of Saratoga, California, for nearly two decades. With a deep passion for authentic Mexican cuisine, Miguel embarked on a journey to bring the flavors of Mexico to his local community.

Las Palmas Mercado began as a humble corner store, offering essential Mexican ingredients, spices, and fresh produce. Their mission was clear: to provide customers with the most genuine ingredients to recreate authentic Mexican dishes at home.

Over the years, Las Palmas Mercado expanded its offerings to include delicious food from their kitchen, and fresh traditional Mexican pastries. What set them apart was their commitment to quality and their warm, knowledgeable staff, who made customers feel like part of the Las Palmas family.

Today, Las Palmas Mercado continues to thrive as a community cornerstone in Saratoga, embodying Mexican culture and offering an array of traditional products. Miguel's vision lives on, ensuring that the rich flavors of Mexico are never far from home. Cheers to many more years of bringing the best of Mexico to Saratoga, one flavorful moment at a time.

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